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After successfull completetion of the offer, the Gems, Coins & Elixir will be addded to your account in just few minutes.


    1 Click on "VERIFY".

    2 Choose any offer and complete it.

    3 Check your Clash of Clans account for the Gems, Coins & Elixir.

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    Clash of Clans Gem Cheat for Android and iOS

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    There is a video just above this post explaining how to use the Clash of Clans Hack Generator. If you do not want to watch the video we will explain here how to use it. To get free gems, Elixir and gold added to you Clash of Clans account scroll to the top of the page and enter Clans user name in the box supplied. Then select your platform from either iOS or Android from the drop down menu.

    Slide the Enable Encryption to On. This is really not needed but we add it anyway as people feel safer using our Clash of Clans Gem Cheat tool if they see this. Basically what happens here is that you will then be using a private VPN system. We found though from testing this hack that we did not need to use it as you still remain anonymous and the hack would perfectly. Believe us we have used bots to test thing thousands and thousands of times over. The system we use anyway provides encryption so as we said we just add it in to keep people happy. It is more visual than anything else. Now just click on the connect button and the clash of clans hack generator

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